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Blick von unten auf goldenes Bundesfinanzhof-Wappen mit Bundesadler am Balkon des Gebäudes

Legal information
of the Federal Fiscal Court

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Legal information


The President of the Federal Fiscal Court
Ismaninger Strasse 109
81675 München
Telephone: (089) 9231-0
e-mail: bundesfinanzhof@bfh.bund.de

Responsible for the Internet editorial office

Press Office of the Federal Fiscal Court
Telephone: (089) 9231-400
e-mail: pressestelle@bfh.bund.de

Responsible for press releases

Press officer of the Federal Fiscal Court
Dr. Volker Pfirrmann
Telephone: (089) 9231-300
e-mail: pressesprecher@bfh.bund.de


This legal information also applies to the Twitter account.
The press office of the Federal Fiscal Court twitters current press releases via this account.

The Twitter account of the Federal Fiscal Court is not available for any procedural applications or procedural news or for queries to the press office. Corresponding inquiries via Twitter will not be answered. For inquiries please use this contact option.

Please note that the platform www.twitter.com is operated by a private company. The Federal Fiscal Court has no influence on the type and extent of user data storage by the operator of the Twitter platform or on the availability of the service.

Important information

You can send messages by e-mail or via the contact forms only in administrative matters.

If you wish to submit appeals, applications and other written pleadings in the court proceedings, please send them to us by post (Bundesfinanzhof, Postfach 86 02 40, 81629 München), by fax (089 9231-201) or via the electronic legal transmission.

Legal information

All information on our website has been carefully checked. We make every effort to keep this information up-to-date, correct and complete. Nevertheless, we cannot completely rule out errors. We therefore do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, timeliness and availability of our website. We are not liable for damages caused by the use of the information provided or when retrieving and downloading data. Please let us know if you notice outdated, incorrect, difficult to understand or incomplete content on this website (contact).

The texts, diagrams, images and films published on the website of the Federal Fiscal Court, with the exception of rulings and press releases, are protected by copyright. All uses beyond personal use, especially commercial use and distribution, are not permitted. They require the express permission of the Federal Fiscal Court or the specified rights holders.

As official works, the decisions and press releases of the Federal Fiscal Court are not protected by copyright. However, they may not be changed. The source must be cited in every publication.

The information provided can be changed, supplemented or removed at any time without prior notice.

We have taken great care in creating links on this website that lead to the content of other websites. Nevertheless, no guarantee can be given for the completeness and correctness of information on other web pages. The provider of the content is solely responsible for this content.

Last updated: 12/01/2024
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