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erhöhte Sitzecke im Erker des Musikzimmers des Bundesfinanzhofs

of the Federal Fiscal Court


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Information on Legal Clerkship and Internship

The Federal Fiscal Court as Chosen Location for Legal Clerkship

The Federal Fiscal Court as part of the Federal Supreme Court accepts legal trainees during their education only under exceptional circumstances.

The First State Exam has to be completed at least with an overall grade of „good“. Proof of profound knowledge in fiscal law is also required.

Legal trainees are only accepted after having passed the written part of their Second State Exam. If these requirements are not met legal trainees should not apply. The number of training places for legal trainees is limited. Applications will only be accepted from the start of the traineeship. Please note: The legal training in a chosen location can be done at one of the Fiscal courts.

If you would like to contact us, please enclose your curriculum vitae: praesidialrichter@bfh.bund.de.


There are no internships available for law students.

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